Reset for 2019

It has been three long years since I last posted here. During that time, we have gone through an election that was kafkaesque. The unthinkable happened. We elected Donald Trump: a candidate who built his political brand on hate. Sexism, xenophobia, racism, homophobia. Not sure what else is left. And now we prepare for another election.

We can be sure that Trump will bring his hate to the campaign trail again. And if one thought that perhaps his election has assuaged the white supremacist bigots that make up his base, it is a sobering fact that nationalist hate groups have grown by 17% since 2017. While we can’t show causality, surely it is no coincidence that the election of a man who peddles racism and hate would result in the increase in these groups.

There’s a lot to say, perhaps I will spend more time saying it rather than watching with sadness as this country unravels and its promise and future is squandered by people who would rather destroy it than share.