Research Networks

Law and Society Association–Feminist Legal Theory Collaborative Research Network (CRN), Gender, Law and Political Economy, South Asia, International Law CRN, and Law and Technology CRN.

Critical Legal Academics and Scholars International Collective–an independent network of people who present workshops, roundtables, teach-ins, and paper presentations on law, society, and academia.

Center for Law and Digital Technologies (eLaw), Leiden University. Professor Choudhury is working with Profs. Simone van der Hof and Francien Dechesne on children, families and technology.

Institute for Social Policy and Understanding–Professor Choudhury is a scholar at the think tank. The organization works on civil rights, education, and social policy with a focus on Muslims in the United States.

Third World Approaches to International Law— a community of scholars engaged in the study of international law and comparative law from third world perspectives. The TWAIL Facebook page is managed by Professor Choudhury. If you wish to join TWAIL Scholars, please apply and you will be added to the closed group.

National People of Color Conference

Association of Property, Law and Society.

LatCrit–a community of critical legal scholars focusing on critiques of mainstream legal scholarship and anti subordination.

ClassCrits–a group of scholars whose particular focus is on subordination and economic inequality.

Institute for Global Law and Policy, Harvard University School of Law–a network of scholars exploring all dimensions of law and policy from comparative, interdisciplinary, critical positions.