This section will provide information on the Critical Legal Academics and Scholars International Collective research and writing workshops.

The workshop is a virtual meeting of collaborative members and can be open to all or by invitation only. It provides a virtual space in which papers, ideas, book proposals, etc., can be workshopped for feedback. The format follows Harvard’s Institute for Global Law and Policy writing workshops.

In addition to workshopping papers, I hope to also provide a means by which isolated scholars can collaborate and connect periodically and also a platform to disseminate work and increase readership/audience for critical legal work that may be overlooked.

The group meets as needed by members.


  1. Professor Shelley Cavalieri–August 2019
  2. Professor Nadia Ahmad–September 2019
  3. Roundtable: “Theorizing Feminist Solidarity”–October 2019

If you are interested in participating, please send me an email at or complete the form below.