My publications can be found on SSRN:


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Articles, Essays, and Book Chapters

  • Racecraft and Identity in the Emergence of Islam as a Race 91 U. Cincinnati L. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2023)
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Solicited Book Reviews & Review Essays

  • Islamic Law and International Human Rights Law: Searching for Common Ground?, J. Soc. For Cont. Thought and the Islamicate World (March 1, 2016).
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Selected Public Writings

  • The COVID-19 Fears of 2020 Were Realized, Above the Law, Feb. 18, 2021.
  • America’s Care Crisis Is Exploding and Women Lawyers Are Being Forced to Pick Up The Pieces, Above the Law, August 2020, with Dean Shruti Rana (Indiana, Bloomington).
  • The “Brides” of Terror: The Women of ISIS and Layered Intersectionality, Race and the Law Blog. March 2019
  • Exclusionary Equality: The French State’s (Ab)Uses of Feminism Jotwell: Equality 2018
  • A Socialist Feminist Legal Theory for Our Times, Jotwell: Equality 2017 republished by Legal Forum.
  • Liberty, Equality, Polygamy? Jotwell: Equality, 2016.
  • The Cruel Optimism of Human Rights, Jotwell: International & Comparative 2016.
  • A Different Kind of Marriage Equality, Jotwell: Family 2016.
  • The Threat of Secular World, Islamic Monthly, April 2015 (Feature article)
  • The Limited Vision of the Neoliberal Family, Jotwell: Family, 2015.
  • Solidarity, Speech, and Islamophobia in the Wake of Charlie Hebdo, Centering the Periphery, 2015
  • Comprehending Our Violence-Revisited, Centering the Periphery, 2014
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