Professor Choudhury currently teaches:

1) Family Law–covering topics in constitutional family law, privacy, reproductive rights, the laws of entry into marriage, roles in marriage, non marital families, children, divorce, alimony, property distribution and economic matters in marriage, child support and custody, and criminal and contract law and marriage.

2) Contemporary Issues in Family/Comparative Family Law–covering all the above topics in comparative perspective focusing on South Asia and South Africa.

3) Islamic Law–covering topics of the classical Islamic law (usul al-fiqh and jurisprudence) and historical development of shari’ah, Islamic criminal law, gender and Islamic law, Islamic and politics, and law reform in Muslim-majority countries.

4) Law and Exclusion–covering legal constructions of race, citizenship, and anti-discrimination law, class and economic inequality, migration and refugee status, gender and sexual minorities and equal rights from a comparative perspective particularly paying attention to the effects of globalization and economic pressures on minority and vulnerable populations.

5) Women in the Law–exploring topics related to the creation and regulation of gender through the law. The gendered effects of the law and the distributive outcomes of legal reforms are also examined.

6) Law and Development–exploring the intersection of law and economic and social development.

7) Contracts–First Year contracts.